Essay on piracy in music

Below I will present a duly explained essay on piracy in music. As the readers of this site continually demand help in performing their essays, we believe that we must include more properly explained essays to help carry out this type of work.

The issue is controversial and I have decided to defend the position even more controversial. In this way I can challenge you to make an essay defending the opposite position, but following the structure that frames. Do you accept my challenge?

Explained essay on piracy in music (Essay defending piracy)


A title should express in a short and clear way the topic that we are going to discuss “Piracy brings benefits to artists”


It starts with a couple of phrases that raise the issue that we are going to discuss. “Everyone talks about piracy in music and they blame the fact that very few albums are currently sold and record companies have had to close. It is said that piracy could lead the music industry to disappear. However, this is not entirely true. “The thesis to be defended in the essay is set out below.” What really happens is that the music industry must adapt to new times and new technologies, which are in no way a threat to The artists, but can be a great support and complement. Piracy, far from hurting artists can be a great support and I will demonstrate with my arguments that this can benefit their careers ”


Body or exhibition

In this part of the essay we are going to develop the arguments on which we rely to defend our thesis. We could support the thesis with a lot of data, but it is an argumentative type of work, so we are going to rely exclusively on opinions.

“Until recently when you wanted to listen to an album by an artist you had two options, either borrow it from a friend or buy it. There were no alternatives. The record companies were happy with this system, since they set the price of the records and were left with a very high percentage of the money that you paid for it. The artist, many times, was the one who had the least benefit from the fruit of his work.

However, thanks to the current technologies, you can go to the Internet and listen to the music you prefer, you can even download it, either paying or illegally. The musical offer is huge, do not depend on the radios to choose your music since you can access Webs from unknown groups you can hear speak in forums. With all this musicians no longer rely exclusively on record companies to promote themselves. Now they have alternative channels and there are numerous examples of groups that succeed thanks to the Internet.

As people become known, people start to demand that these musicians perform live, because true music lovers always want to see their singers and groups facing each other on stage. And it is here where the artist really collects economic benefits in his tours.

Conclusion, where I summarize what I have stated and reaffirm my initial thesis

“So downloading music illegally harms the musician? On the contrary, you can make your annual income increase to be known by more people and therefore have more potential audience for your concerts. Does it hurt the record company? Obviously yes, but these will have to adapt to the new times since they will not be able to continue living of the benefits of the discs and will have to be more involved in other lands that they must explore. “

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