Essay on social work

Epistemological pragmatism replaces the concept of truth, which derives from the correspondence between thought and object, replacing it with the concept of the useful. Truth for pragmatism means what is valuable and useful for life. As in Social Work, the ideal is that the truth be seen from the angle where the majority of citizens notice that their common sense should focus on a cause of all and not particularize the benefits that although it is not a socialist life if it should be inside Of a Community benefit.
Pragmatism is rooted in the peculiar concept concerning human nature. For this philosophical current, man is not a thinking being, but a being of will and action. Homo sapiens on this occasion plays an important role, because not only must be thoughtful if not humanized and humanizing, as different sayings from all religions in the world, “as you want to be treated you should treat them,” and Humanization of public services should not be the exception, on the contrary, it is the one who must preach by example, that perhaps, is not the service maintained and strong by the taxes, efforts and money of the people?
The intellect, as Essen observes, is not given to man, according to pragmatism, to investigate and know the truth; But to be able to orient oneself in the reality. Truth basically consists, according to pragmatism, in the useful and profitable human behavior, and this is where social work must use all its effort and ideality, to sensitize, raise awareness and convince the majority of the inhabitants of every community in The need to help each other, that selfishness leads us only to being weak humans and easy prey to corrupt and corrupting governments, who all the time tries to violate the law and the individual rights of every human being. this country.
The basic error of pragmatism lies in the ignorance and denial of the autonomy of human thought. While it is true that human thought has a close relation to the different realities of life and that it suffers profound influence from other psychic experiences, it is no less true that human thought has its own field of action and can not be reduced to The mere function of what is useful in human life. Thinking must and must be free, because regardless of whether you think or not in a correct way, you have the right to think and externalize freely what you believe, just as you have the obligation to listen and take into account those who do not Agree with you, since every right is rigged with an obligation.

However over time the notion of knowing in its ambivalent sense was thus: observation was replaced by experience gained directly with all the senses, in a process called empirical; And the use of the intellect was replaced with the idea of ​​reason as promoter of knowledge, a quality that two centuries ago presented as evidence of a developed, superior civilization (social Darwinism).
Although there are many holes to fill until reaching Hessen, the contribution of Kant is inescapable. Kant offers us reason as a tool for knowledge; Divides the world into natural and moral (ideal), giving rise to two types of knowledge; And more importantly, describes the truth as an assumption and not as an absolute certainty. It is here where this servant believes that Kant is like the modern Socrates who says there is no absolute truth, but there is a truth in each individual that makes him very own his understanding and unique in his understanding, or as a popular saying goes, No one thinks he is stupid, in his way of understanding and thinking “

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