How to make an essay about a book

How to make an essay about a book: choose the theme

The first step to a critical or argumentative essay on a book is to choose the topic. It may be that this is already given by the teacher but if we are allowed to choose we can either treat the book in general or make an essay on a specific aspect of the work that has caught our attention or that we seem especially stressed . Topics that could be discussed about a book:

– Outstanding influences from other authors or styles

– Analyze one of the characters

– The style of the author compared to the rest of his work (if it is representative, if different, if you notice evolution with respect to previous works, if you have a turning point with what you have done next …)

– Some authors have recurring themes is their works. If you find any of them you can talk about the same and the possible meaning. For example, if an author always took a little girl in his works that suffered an accident we could ask if some fact of his real life is related. Or if there were certain colors or figures that may have a symbolism it might well be the subject of an essay.

– Of course we can talk about the argument and the style of the book and give our opinion on whether it is a good book or not, always reasoned and argued.

How to do a book essay: essay structure

The structure of the essay will be the same as always: introduction, essay body and conclusion. However when it comes to how to make an essay about a book can be included at the beginning of it a tab with the data of the work: title, author, short summary, date it was published and a review with other works by the author and The place occupied by the work to be treated between them.

This has nothing to do with the bibliography or the references that can be included in a list at the end of the essay, as a final appendix.

Remember that you are talking about literature, so use a rich language and ensure that the text is not only clear, it must sound good, have a broad vocabulary and can use literary resources to make it more enjoyable to read it.

We have said at the beginning that we are talking about a critical / argumentative essay and it is, but also in a literary essay. That is, an essay where form has as much importance as the background. Employ a literary language, here are some tips to do it.

How to Make a Book Essay: Presentation Tips

You have worked for hours, you have managed to make a great critical / argumentative essay with a rich literary language. Now you have to show it to your teacher. If you take a few sheets of a badly cut notebook, the impression will be poor, although its content is of quality. It should give importance to the presentation of the work to not miss the same:

– If you are asked to write it by hand, do it carefully, with a good handwriting, without spelling mistakes and on a clean paper. Do not submit a job with erasures or erasures. Write first in dirty and once you have the text well worked pass it to clean without mistake.

– If you deliver the work to computer print it so that the letter is not crowded. Leave space between the paragraphs and do not use a letter neither very large nor very small, a size 12 is usually the most conventional. Do not try to be too original with the letter type, it could give an impression of little seriousness or difficult to read.

– Take care of the cover. On the Internet there are many images that you can use. If the work enters the eyes, the teacher will probably read it more positively.

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