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Finding essay topic is often the main challenge we face when we are tasked with writing a paper. The famous fear of facing the blank sheet of paper is one of the best known fears of any writer, since once we know what we want to talk about we can begin to inform ourselves and the work is started automatically.

To facilitate the task of finding topics for essays, I have drawn up a list that you can use, either as it is or inspired by these topic, to draw similar ones. To find more topics for essay you can click here and you will be directed to another article where you will also collect ideas to write about them.

Remember that many times the same idea can be valid for different types of essay, everything will depend on the approach that gives it. The list is just suggestions that try to help you find your own ideas.

Topics for argumentative and / or critical essays

In many of these essay topics I pose a question. You can change the title depending on the focus you want to give the subject. In many cases they are controversial subjects in which you can take a clear position, but you must always be respectful and educated in the exhibition of ideas.

1) Gender violence and its cultural component

2) Is conservative politics most beneficial to the economy?

3) Are the parties on the left more sensitive to social problems?

4) Education reform a step forward?

5) Should laws be influenced by religious beliefs?

6) Is advertising still sexist?

7) Are fad diets cause of obesity?

8) Is the shared custody of children in case of separation from parents the best alternative?

9) Do young dependents suffer from their smart phones?

10) Until what age should the teaching be compulsory?


Topic for literary essays

1) Evolution of the poetry of Octavia Paz and its different phases

2) Zola’s influence on the literary production of Federico Gambia

3) “The blood of the jellyfish and other marginal tales” by José Emilio Pacheco. Essay on the influence of Borges in this book of stories.

4) You can take some of the essays of the work “Under the shadow of history. Essays on Islam and Judaism “by Fernando del Paso and carry out an essay either by defending his own thesis or by posing alternative thoughts.

5) Political influences in the work of Elena Garr

6) Elements of popular folklore in Mexican writers of the 20th century

7) Main influences of Mexican literature on authors from other countries in the 20th century

8) “The old man and the sea” of Hemingway. Personal Thoughts on Your Message

9) Symbolism of the work “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka

10) Essay on the picaresque novel (in general or some of its concrete characteristics)


Subjects for scientific tests

1) Influence of the age of the mother in cases of sudden death of the newborn

2) Video games and their impact on the child’s reflexes

3) Nicotine addiction and its relation to the so-called addiction gene

4) Social classes and drugs that are consumed is there a relationship? Do the upper classes consume different substances than the lower classes?

5) Are there any data that prove global warming?

6) The importance of forests for life on earth

7) The excessive noise of cities as a cause of stress and other nervous problems

8) Sleep deprivation and its neurological effects

9) The vegetarian diet and its defense / refutation from a biological point of view

10) Arguments that prove / deny the beneficial influence of pets for the elderly.

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