How to Start a Narrative Essay in English

A “narrative essay” is also called “rehearsal essay” because the writer describes something important to him. The narration can also be a story about something that has happened to the author. You can write about anything and there are no limits on the subject for a narrative essay. Most are written in the first person and the narration can be made about something that happened to someone else, about how you observed or understood it. Such an essay will attract your readers.

Decide a topic or idea central to your narrative essay. Choose the topic you want to write about. It usually exposes a personal experience or an observation that represents something important and true about your life. The introductory paragraph should allow the reader to know that it is a narrative writing. Begin your essay with “I” and tell the reader what the essay is about. For example, “I went to Spain as an exchange student in 1986” would be a good way to begin a narrative essay about an important experience while traveling.

Use details and descriptive language in your essay. Your narrative should unleash the imagination of your readers and keep their interest. Describe how the smell of things was, how they looked and how you felt when you wrote about those events. Give the reader details about the appearance and behavior of the other characters in your writing. Answer the following questions: Who happened to the event? Where did this one take place? When I pass?
Use anecdotes from people in your essay. Avoid using trite expressions or clich├ęs when possible. Anecdotes can help the reader understand the reasons why the characters in your story behave as you describe them.

Tips & Warnings
Be careful not to reveal embarrassing information about yourself or others. Bad words should only be used in very limited and appropriate circumstances as a direct quote that is essential to the main theme of the writing.

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