Ideas for thesis titles related to education

Writing a thesis for college is a difficult task at any level. Some programs require thesis at the undergraduate level, while others reserve that requirement only for master’s degree programs. Choosing a topic can be as difficult as writing the same thesis. When choosing a theme for the thesis, choose a topic for which you feel passionate and then narrow down your options in a particular aspect on that topic.

Sub-disciplines of education as a theme
When you think about a thesis topic, first decide what your main area of ​​interest is and choose a topic based on what you love or your area of ​​expertise. If you study special education that may be the focus of the topic of your thesis. The same works with other areas, such as primary or secondary education, distance education or any other related area, such as education psychology. Your topic should be narrower than just choosing one of these sub-disciplines, however, look for a specific topic that further clarifies your emphasis. For example, you can write about methods for teaching math to children with special needs or, more specifically, using computer technology to teach math to children with special needs. The smaller your topic, the better.

Critical Essays
You can also provide a critical essay on previous education. There are literally thousands of theses that have been written and enough professional scholarship in the area of ​​education. Once you find the thesis or an article on a topic of your interest, read as much as you can about the topic. You may find that there are several theses that have been written on the topic that you chose but you can base your thesis on articles and books of outstanding scholars. In particular, you can look for an academic or writer with whom you agree on your conclusions. You will want to look for obvious mistakes and tactfully indicate the reason why the findings of previous research are unsustainable.

Provide your own approach
You may have found an area within the area of ​​education where teaching methods have not been developed. Or, perhaps, you have found a database of statistics that need to be explained. This information can sometimes be found when reading the work of other academics or students, so you may need to provide a critical analysis in your introductory presentation if that academic has not used the information properly. However, you can go further and work in an area where a methodology fails or you need a practical breakthrough, you can simply provide your own approach and then use statistical data to support your thesis.

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